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“For me there's no question that I am a passionate artist who expresses himself through dance, and style.  When I dance, when I style clothing, and now when I style hair, all embody my creative perspective, and serve as platforms for conveying my artistry.”  

-- Swins Jean-Charles


Swins Jean-Charles, aka as “Swiftt”, is one of the founding members of AteamLV, one of the original organizers of NEON, the US qualifier for the prestigious Paris battle competition, Fusion Concept. 


Swiftt’s success can in many ways be attributed to his rather unique and nontraditional background. Swiftt is a first-generation Haitian-American. His parents came to the states to make a better life.  Swiftt attributes his style to his mother, and work ethic to his father.  As a teenager, Swiftt and his father moved to Las Vegas. Growing up in the glitzy yet harsh town, where success and failure can change in an instant, set the course for his future.  


Swift recalls that he met his best friend, and business partner Bryan “Butta” Robinson on the first day of school, and thought he was going to have to fight him.  Swiftt, was decked out in camo, and saw Butta staring at him. “Where I come from, if someone is staring at you like that, they either know you, or they are looking for trouble – and I didn’t know him.”  Butta walked over to Swiftt, and said, “Hey, that outfit is fly.  Are you in a step team?”   That experience set the tone for their friendship and all their future endeavors.  


Both Butta and Swift loved fashion, dance, and girls.  But there were other things that set them apart from their peers - Swiftt and Butta both had an incredible work ethic, an intuitive drive, and a commitment to improving their lives.  As teens, they listened to motivational tapes, and took to heart the words and writings of Jim Rohn, and others – and embraced a mindset of positivity and drive for success.  


As juniors in high school, Swift and Butta performed in the school talent show, and it was a life changing experience.  They heard the applause, and cheers.  According to Swiftt, “The applause was great, but when I looked at the tape of our performance, that is when I knew, our talent or potential rather, matched our passion. It was a wrap!”   Swiftt and Butta practiced endlessly, danced at house parties and little events from then on.  


After high school, going against everything that was traditional in the Haitian household, 

Swiftt with Butta formed and performed as the dance duo, at conventions and college campuses, and thereafter formed ATeam LV – (See Ateam bio for more info) 


As for Swiftt’s dance style, he is a master in musicality, agility, and integrates popping, locking, and freestyle.  It is evident that his Haitian roots also greatly influenced his dance. As a 16-year dance veteran, Swiftt was a Jabbawockeez cast member, has danced on Disney, has won several dance battles, and has taught countless workshops around the world.  


In 2017, Swins embarked on a new creative journey in the beauty industry.  Forever, a student and thrill-seeker, Swins went to school, expanded his skill sets, and is now also a professional hair stylist in Los Angeles, specializing in cutting and styling.  His career has quickly taken off, and has even taken him to the heights of New York Fashion Week.  Swins’ talent, charm, and superb artistry are all unmistakably captured and on display in his styling brand, “Global Hands.”  


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