Joseph Allen Smith


Multi-Disciplined Dancer • Choreographer

• Instructor • Battler

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“I’m an artist, and a game changer. I have handled and survived situations that go against the grain. Dance is who I am, and the spark for

all I want to be.” - Joe Stylezzz

Joseph Smith aka “Joe Stylezzz” is an international known dancer, instructor, choreographer, and performer, with a significant following in China. Joe is known for use and mastery of all styles of dance, and is known for his energetic showmanship, well-honed musicality, and his fearless athletic dance style. Joe was a featured dancer for Erykah Badu, a choreographer for Debbie Allan’s acclaimed theatrical production, “The Chocolate Nutcracker,” and was a top-30 contender in Season 3 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” In 2014, Joe won Ateam’s NEON Battle, and in 2014 and 2015, Joe had back-to-back wins as Hip Hop International’s Locking Champion. Joe is also the founder of and ambassador for JAMHEADZZZ LLC., an organization that inspires, motivates, and imparts the positivity of underground dance all over the world.


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