De’andria Monique Benson

Krumper • Choreographer • Instructor • Battler

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“My purpose and vision for WonderWomenKrump is unity and to let other women know that we belong, we have a place, and we have our own voice in the Krump dance culture. We are here to represent, and to share our strength and experience with a new generation of young women who share our passion and want to learn.”

- Encore


De’Andria “Monique” Benson aka “Encore” aka “Lady Tight Eyex,” is a rising-star Krumper, dancer, instructor, choreographer, performer, educator, organizer, and the visionary founder of “WonderWomenKrump.” After 8 years as a church dance troupe leader and choreographer, Encore to Las Vegas to be mentored by Krump’s royalty, Crush, the Prince of Krump, and the Krump God himself, Tight Eyex. Encore pursued her dream, honed her craft, and has won several Krump battles. In 2019 alone, she won “On the Record;” ‘Tap Fest;” and “Buck Spree.” Not only did Encore win at LA’s 2019 international qualifier for Paris’ premier battle, “Session 2 Style,” Encore won the entire event in Paris, France as well.


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