Marquith Dontae Miller

Krumper • Choreographer • Instructor • Battler

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“Dancing is what kept me alive, and it brought out a different type of feeling in me that I never felt before. In a way that was different from where I came from.” – Crush


Marquith Dontae Miller aka “Crush,” aka “The Prince of Krump,” is a renowned ambassador of Krump. In the past 10 years, Crush has tour danced with Chris Brown, and has battled, judged, and participated in most every Krump event around the world, including, Illest International Battle, Paris, France; K.O.B (King of Buck), Tokyo, Japan; EBS (European Buck Session), Düsseldorf, Germany; Masters of Rhythm, Johannesburg, South Africa; and Model 357, Moscow, Russia; No Rules Krump Movement, Kiev, Ukraine; and Royal Rumble, Martigny, Switzerland. Crush has been featured in several Krump movies, including Krump Battles, Lil’ Homies of Krump, and Underground Sessions. Crush is truly Krump royalty, and continues his legacy as the culture’s advocate and guardian.


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